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Timpview High School has a long history of building bridges and organizing aid between various businesses and community partners to help heal Provo. More specifically, Timpview High School Student Government works with community charities yearly to increase and improve fundraising efforts for disadvantaged families through their Sub for Santa drive

Timpview Teacher and Student Government Advisor Cassidy Baker and Timpview Student Government Officer Sanjay Moorthy offered information on their United Way visit. Thank you, Cassidy and Sanjay, for sharing your story and delivering aid this year.

Or, as Sanjay comments, we should also thank Cassidy Baker for creating a culture of service over the last decade.

“In previous years, Student Government had the opportunity to act as go-betweens for different business partners, like the Food and Care Coalition and United Way,” Sanjay said. “My older brother also did Student Government and had to visit business partners then, too.”

Sanjay explained that each student is assigned five businesses that Cassidy previously connected with years prior. Students reach out before the drive to ask these businesses for monetary aid, food, toys, business discounts– whatever they’d like to donate– to collect that year. 

“I’m working with Jamba Juice, Sodalicious, and an insurance company, to share a few examples. We keep these relationships by sending outreach emails to their businesses and meeting twice to maintain relationships.”

Part of their liaison experience means that students also visit companies to volunteer and learn more about how these businesses function to deliver aid. Student Government saw Food and Care Coalition (which you can find in our previous article) and United Way more recently, which Sanjay spoke about.

“At United Way, we got split into two groups. The first group set up aisles to gather Sub for Santa presents, and the other group met with the CEO– Bill Hulterstrom– to discuss how United Way gives aid and care.

“And it’s not just donations; United Way is also made of smaller businesses gathering funds or aid. There’s a kitchen to feed the hungry. There are volunteer opportunities. There’s a lot of different routes that United Way tries to help different groups in our community.

“Seeing the work that goes into United Way inspired me to work harder on our Sub for Santa mission.”

Timpview finished their drive last month, and you can find the amount raised at the Timpview Sub for Santa website once the total is tallied.

It’s the sort of work that, as Sanjay said, inspires you to go out and help offer aid. We’re grateful for Cassidy’s work in inspiring students and creating a culture of aid. 

And, if you’re interested in volunteering opportunities after reading this article, you can get involved at the United Way of Utah Country website.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei