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Although we will miss our current superintendent, Keith Rittel, we wish him best as he looks forward to no longer calling the ever-controversial snow day and enjoys a well-deserved retirement. Now looking forward to a new superintendent joining us in July, there are many questions about Wendy Dau.  Everyone is anxious to learn more about the new leader of Provo City School District.

Just before the end of the school year Wendy Dau visited several of our schools where students, teachers, faculty, and parents had a chance to ask her questions and find out more about her.  We recorded these conversations and for the next few months will be sharing them in the hopes that you can get to know her a little.

In this first video third grade students from Provo Peaks asked her some big questions that left the grown-ups in the room giggling.  The first question Wendy was asked was, “how old are you?”  Hear her answer to this, her favorite type of weather and Wendy’s talent. 

Look for more videos coming soon.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger