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Franklin kindergarteners were learning about different sounds and letters when, to their surprise, a group of high schoolers walked into their classroom. These high schoolers turned out to be athletes from Provo High.

The activity started out by the athletes introducing themselves, along with telling the students what sport they play. They told the kindergarteners that, although they love their sport, they also love to learn and read. After introductions, the students were split up into different groups and assigned to one of the athletes.

For the first part of the visit, the kindergarteners showed these older students what reading assignment they were working on and even received some tips on how to complete the assignment. Some of the assignments included a word “hunt”, word worksheets and sounding out different letters. Later on, the high school students spent time reading to these young students.

As part of Provo High’s “Especially for Athletes” club, these high school students strive to set positive examples for the kids in our community. Not only that, but they set a great example for Franklin students about the joys of reading. Through this event, the goal is that Franklin students will look up to these positive examples, see how fun reading can be and obtain a love for reading that will last them a lifetime.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger