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The Provo Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program redefines educational engagement by providing students like Annalisa, Christian, Samuel, and Vicente with an immersive learning environment that mirrors the professional world. As multilingual, non-native English-speaking students, they are harnessing the unique opportunities offered by CAPS to enhance their skill sets and manage their projects and responsibilities independently. CAPS is stylistically suited for all learning abilities and types: one works with peers on authentic products to gain experience.

In a recent discussion, the students highlighted the autonomy they experience within the CAPS program, emphasizing the self-management skills they are developing. Managing their work, certifications, and projects on their terms allows them significant control over their education, fostering a strong sense of responsibility and self-direction. Beyond technical skills, CAPS also instills vital soft skills such as teamwork and time management.

The students appreciate the program’s collaborative and less intimidating professional environment, which enhances their learning and prepares them effectively for future careers.

As they navigate through their educational journey with CAPS, Annalisa, Christian, Samuel, and Vicente are not just preparing for the future; they are actively shaping it through practical experience and community engagement. 

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei