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On Tuesday, November 10th, the Provo City School District Foundation held a board meeting.  Each month they meet to discuss plans on how to support students within Provo City School District and help them get access to the needed resources. Read about the recent donations, upcoming activities, leadership, and how to get involved in the summary below! 


To help children get access to the resources they need, the Foundation has reached out and received the following items that are to be distributed.

  • NuSkin donated $1500 for five Title I schools to use for STEM supplies.
  • Neuro-ID supplied students with school kits. They’re holding a corporate drive for supplies and their employees will make the kits to be given in December.
  • KSL Quarters for Christmas, $3300 to be used for clothes, coats, and shoes for children

Upcoming Activities and Updates

  • The foundation will launch its “National Day of Giving” campaign that will be held on December 1st.
  • The Riverside Country Club held April 22 and April 29 as possible dates for the highly anticipated annual event, The Easter Basket Silent Auction. 

Leadership and How to Get Involved

  • As of November 10, Andrea Stone was voted in as the Director of the Foundation Board. YAY! We look forward to her contributions.
  • Doug Finch, the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, is coordinating with the Foundation to put together a “Needs Assessment” feedback from Principals that will help target specific fundraising activities. 
  • The National Day of Giving subcommittee was formed Wed, Nov 18th. 
  • The Easter Basket Silent Auction subcommittee will start their meetings on December 1st to start plans for the auction. 

To get involved, visit the Foundation website.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger