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There have been many questions regarding the end of the school year and related procedures.  The following provides answers based on the most current information available.

Will the school year end early?

In an email to school districts, State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson clarified that the school year will continue as scheduled through the end of the published school year calendar.

“Some confusion by school leaders may be associated with the implications of the Board’s waiver of R277-419-4 (the 180 day/990 hour instructional days and hours requirement). The waiver from R277-419-4 was intended to address the prep days right after the soft closure and the 990 hour instructional hour requirement. The waiver was conditioned on the LEA continuing to provide educational services and instruction in accordance with their continuity of education plan and through the end of the regular school calendar adopted prior the pandemic. At its May meeting, the Board will be considering an amendment to R277-419 to explicitly provide that funding (including holding an LEA’s membership count constant) is conditioned upon the LEA providing educational services through the end of the LEA’s regularly adopted school year calendar.”

Provo City School District will continue to provide instruction through the end of the school year calendar, which ends on May 22.  As is consistent with past practice, secondary students will not receive new assignments after May 12 and will submit completed assignments by May 19, unless otherwise determined with their teacher.  Elementary students will not receive new assignments after May 15.  Instruction and structured learning activities will continue through the end of the school year on May 22.

How and when will textbooks, library books, instruments, etc. be returned to schools?

Since instruction will continue through May 22, students will need access to devices and materials for as long as possible.  Processes for the return of each of these items are currently being developed.  Individual schools will determine protocols for returning materials to the school and these will be communicated directly to parents. Following these school protocols, textbooks, library books, instruments, and other school-owned materials should be returned to the school when the school opens for book returns.

When and how will Chromebooks be returned?

Once again, since instruction will continue through May 22, students may need access to devices through the rest of the school year.  The district technology department is creating a plan for returning Chromebooks.  These plans will be communicated to all parents via email, and posted on the district and school websites and social media platforms.

Caleb Price
  • Director of Communications
  • Caleb Price