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Spring Creek Elementary’s esteemed educator, Leslie Stilson, graces the glossy pages of Utah Valley Mag, a notable publication capturing the pulse of Utah County’s people, occasions, and abodes.

Utah Valley Mag, known for spotlighting prominent local figures like Donny Osmond, Larry King, Steve Youn, and Jimmer Fredette, turned its spotlight to Leslie Stilson, the embodiment of growth learning, lauded for her capacity to cultivate and champion students’ aspirations. Stilson took the head feature on six different teachers statewide. Stilson’s feature covers her teaching philosophy, praising her for empowering and encouraging students to achieve. The article reviews her winning mindset that, to quote Stilson from the Utah Valley article,

“Mistakes are proof that the kids are trying and not something to be ashamed of.”

The article looks at Leslie’s unconventional journey into teaching. Her desire to be home after her five kid’s school day led her to class aide and education specialist positions, which blossomed into a full-blown teaching career marked by rapid growth and transformation. From there, Leslie built a classroom that empowers all students. The article details her take on differentiation and some memorable students she’s helped work with to overcome learning difficulties, promoting focus and reducing behavioral challenges.

Leslie’s mantra of forgiveness, encouragement, and second chances forms the foundation of a close-knit classroom “family” that empowers students to embrace their potential. Her inspiring story, a testament to the belief that mistakes are opportunities to grow, is a must-read.

Her feature closes with a sentiment everyone can agree with:

“Together, Mrs. Stilson and her third graders are winners.”

Find her feature in this month’s copy of Utah Valley Mag.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei