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Provo City School District has the following employment vacancies. To find out more, please visit the Job Portal link below.

February 24, 2022

  • Inst Asst 3/Extra Curricular—–Provo High
  • Inst Asst 3/Extra Curricular—–Provo High

February 25, 2022

  • Asst 8/COTA—–Provo City School District
  • Asst 3/Technology Support—–Provo City School District
  • Admin Sec 6/Tech Support—–Provo City School District
  • Inst Asst 3/Extended Day—–Dixon Middle
  • Inst Asst 1/504—–Dixon Middle
  • Inst Asst 2/Tracker—–Dixon Middle
  • Counselor—–Provo High

February 28, 2022

  • Inst Asst 3/Special Ed—–Provo Peaks Elementary
  • Office Asst 4/General—–Lakeview Elementary
  • Inst Asst 1/504—–Provo High

March 1, 2022

  • Inst Asst 4/General—–Provo High

March 2, 2022

  • Foreign Language Teacher—–Provo High
  • Elementary Principal—–Spring Creek Elementary
  • Inst Ast 1/504—–Wasatch Elementary
  • Secondary Teacher—–Timpview High

March 3, 2022

  • Grade 4 Spanish DI Teacher—–Timpanogos Elementary
  • Asst 1/Food Preparation—–Provo City School District
  • Asst 2/Cook—–Provo City School District
  • Office Asst 2/K-12 Nutrition—–Provo City School District
  • Mgr 4/K-6 Nutrition—–Westridge Elementary

See full listing of Provo City School District Jobs Available through Job Portal

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger