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Mrs. Kitto’s 2rd grade class at Timpanogos Elementary have been learning how to manage emotions through a book titled “Emotional Super Powers”. To celebrate all of the hard work they have done with managing their emotions, the authors of the book, Pam Robinson and Rachelle Castor, came in for a special visit. 

“Emotional Super Powers” is a book designed for young children that encourages kids to “recognize their emotion and choose how to respond to those feelings” through providing them tools that can help them “manage their emotions wisely.” The authors visited to award the class with a presidential award for emulating the book’s advice. They also conducted an activity with the students and also gave them all capes that represented them being their own emotional superheroes. 

The activity was designed to help Mrs. Kitto’s class learn to release their negative emotions and bring in their positive ones. The class was seated on a rug and each student was given a packet and some crayons. Each page in the packet had a different emotion on it such as sad, angry and happy. The students were told to color in a picture that represented each emotion. The last emotion in the book was happiness and the students were asked to leave the activity with a picture of what makes them happy. After, the students went around and shared what their picture was. Some had pictures of flying hearts, some had pictures of blankets and others had pictures of bears, whatever made them happy.Mrs. Kitto was then given the award, which included a certificate and a bouquet of flowers and each student was given a cape.

As Mrs. Kitto’s second grade class went home, they carried with them the lessons they learned from this book that will ultimately help them to develop life-long emotional management skills. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger

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