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Dixon Middle School is taking on literacy as an emphasis this year, and luckily, Dixon’s Latinos in Action group comes prepared. Each year Latinos in Action Advisor and Teacher Lucy Ordaz-Sanchez poses a challenge to her students: read at least forty books this school year.

“A handful of students reach the goal, but they all read more books than they’ve ever read- especially in one school year,” Ordaz-Sanchez said. “I tend to read sixty or more books a year, and I tell the class every time I mark down a finished book. ‘I’m up to twenty books,’ or ‘I’ve just hit my thirtieth book,’ and I always challenge them to “catch me if you can.”

Last year, Aleksandra, an eighth-grader in Dixon Middle School’s Latinos in Action, took that as an additional challenge. Lucy Ordaz Sanchez never read more than 120 books over the year– which Aleksandra exceeded, reading a record-busting 168 books over the school year. (Whoa.)

This year Ordaz-Sanchez and her students will do their best to surpass Aleksandra’s record, and we challenge you and fellow students to do the same. Thank you, Lucy Ordaz-Sanchez, for your dedication to student excellence!

Keep an eye out for future posts about Dixon Middle School and fellow secondary schools as we visit our Latinos in Action groups.

Spencer Tuinei
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  • Spencer Tuinei