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The District STEM Fair was held on Friday, February 23 with about 150 participants from grades 5-11. Students were able to work in groups of 1-3 participants.

The judges were significant individuals from both the university and professional community. The judges first interviewed the students and used scoring rubrics to evaluate each individual’s project. This means that the students need to be experts on the subject they chose. “No matter what questions we threw at them, we could not throw them off their game. They knew their stuff!” said a judge when interviewing students from Dixon Middle.

Secondary School Winners

  • 1st Place – Cameron Gordon (Physics, Astronomy, & Mathematics)
  • 2nd Place – Jayden Server (Animal & Plant Biology)
  • 3rd Place – Jacob Wilson (Engineering: Materials & Mechanical)
  • 4th Place – Aliya Featherstone (Earth & Environmental Science)

Elementary School Winners

  • 1st Place – Maya Jensen (Product Testing & Consumer Science) Mitchell Harding (Product Testing & Consumer Science)
  • 2nd Place – Robinson Noila (Product Testing & Consumer Science) Maddox Martinez (Physics, Astronomy, & Mathematics)
  • 3rd Place – Ashleigh Gardner (Life Science) June WIley (Life Science)
  • 4th Place – Sadie Wabel (Product Testing & Consumer Science) Isabelle Walch (Life Science)

Twenty-five secondary projects and 50 elementary projects qualified to move on to the Central Utah STEM Fair that will be held at BYU March 27-29. The quality of the projects in science and engineering was very high. These students are practicing 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger