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Monday night, at Provo High, students from across the district buzzed behind the auditorium, excited to be preparing for the District Day of Dance. From Dixon and Centennial Middle Schools, to Provo and Timpview High, teams across the district all brought their finest dance numbers to impress a filled auditorium. 

In addition to groups of middle and high school students, a large group of fourth graders from Spring Creek filled into the auditorium, brimming with excitement. Not yet part of any dance company, the young students had been working with a special Native American Dance Coach, Shoshana Begay, to present a Native American Round Dance.

Begay is a Native American dance instructor who also works as a Title 6 Coordinator for Nebo School District. She had been working with the children for the past few weeks and the confidence and excitement in the children was clear. 

The night that followed demonstrated the District’s dance programs at their best, and were a joy to watch. From engaging Ballroom numbers, to the 4th graders performance, the demonstration of the arts shows that Provo knows how to dance. 

Please enjoy the pictures below as a recap from the event.

Alexander Glaves
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