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Besides Black History Month, February is a time in our district to celebrate Career and Technical Education. Throughout the month, we’re covering our CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Organizations) to share information and stories for families. This week, we’re covering DECA and FBLA.

In our school district, DECA (now known as An Association of Marketing Students, once known as Distributive Education Clubs of America) and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) stand out as invaluable programs shaping the future of our students. These organizations go beyond the conventional classroom experience, offering practical insights and skills essential for success in the business world.

For those unfamiliar, DECA is a not-for-profit organization preparing high school and college students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management worldwide. DECA students put their entrepreneurial knowledge to the test through 

The organization prepares students for marketing, finance, hospitality, and management careers. The focus is on tangible experiences, where students hone problem-solving, communication, and strategic thinking skills.

FBLA focuses on academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs, giving students a well-rounded experience. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship, teamwork, and community engagement, providing practical experiences crucial for future success. It serves as a vital platform for students interested in business, finance, and leadership.

Both club competitions involve written components, such as exams and reports, and interactive sessions where industry professionals act as judges and offer experiences you can’t find anywhere else as a teenager. 

Practical Impact: DECA and FBLA Shaping Career Futures

DECA and FBLA are not just extracurricular activities but practical conduits to success. These programs equip students with the skills to navigate the dynamic business landscape. From simulated business challenges to networking opportunities with industry professionals, our students gain hands-on experiences that set them apart.

For real-life stories illustrating the impact of DECA and FBLA on our students’ futures, we invite you to read our most recent article on Timpview High School’s FBLA/DECA performances at the USU Aggie Invitational, in which our students competed and secured top honors in various categories.

Or, read an interview with Timpview student and DECA Regionalist Coy. As an accomplished DECA member, her glowing comments reveal the organization’s value better than anything we could write about the program:

“DECA reminds me that business belongs in every industry—you might not think the medical industry is a business, but studying DECA, you ask questions. “Where does the hospital get its funding from?” “How are hospitals marketing themselves to a niche audience?” Thinking in these terms helps you see the world differently, and learning how to view and interpret advertising geared toward you is beneficial. 

“I’ve been thinking about another aspect of DECA recently. DECA is a platform where women can express their ideas and are given due diligence. I love that women can compete fairly and succeed—and we do; plenty of girls like me are winning these competitions left and right. DECA is an equalizer in many ways, teaching all people across all walks of life that their voice matters. That alone lifts people up in every aspect of their lives.”

What’s Next? Joining DECA and FBLA 

We encourage parents, students, and community members to speak with your counselors about how you can join or aid DECA and FBLA programming. Whether your interests align with marketing, finance, or leadership, these programs offer tangible pathways to success.

Stay updated on DECA and FBLA news and events by visiting our district’s official website for CTE here.

DECA and FBLA aren’t just clubs but practical communities shaping leaders in our school district. We thank the teachers and advisors who make these experiences available for students.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

Besides Black History Month, February is a time in our district to celebrate Career and Technical...