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Franklin Elementary hosted the Cosmo’s Dunk Team and the Built 4 Life BYU student-athletes.  The athletes spoke to Franklin students about the four Built 4 Life ideals, which empower them to lead fulfilled lives: built to love, built to learn, built to connect, and built to work, in between an array of acrobatic dunks, flips, and alley-oops. 

The student-athletes discussed beneficial life skills using the four precepts as a guide. They looked at how everyone may look out for and help those who are in need, how students can interact with people both inside and outside of their cultural communities, and developing healthy work and study habits. The Dunk Team showed off an arsenal of acrobatic tricks. The show was a slam dunk with students.

There was something extraordinary and cyclical about seeing young student-athletes imparting wisdom to a crop of young students. Events like these not only build our students up, it nourishes the roots of our community.

Thanks to Cougar Built for visiting Franklin Elementary.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei