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Provo City School District’s Safety and Security Committee procured services from Guidepost Solutions LLC to conduct a district-wide school and facilities safety and security assessment. Learn more about Guidepost and the Guidepost Assessment in our previous article.

As we continue our efforts in securing our schools, we look forward to our upcoming safety and security building projects. 

Provo City School District has three building projects in various phases: Timpview High, Wasatch Elementary, and Shoreline Middle School, the replacement school for Dixon Middle School. Our Safety and Security Committee regularly reviews action plans and forwards assessment factors in meetings to improve safety and security.

To create transparency in spending as we fund new safely constructed schools, we’ve created a Construction Projects webpage.

This web page is your personal window via live camera feeds as we lay the brick-and-mortar for each school. We’re also reporting project updates over the building process to clarify how and why our district funds safe, attractive school campuses.

Please visit the webpage as we transform project blueprints into safe, living campuses to last our community for years to come.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei