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Across our school district, construction projects are well underway, reshaping the educational environment to meet the needs of our students and educators. From upgraded infrastructure to modern safety features, these developments are poised to transform the learning experience. Let’s delve into the latest construction updates from Shoreline Middle School, Wasatch Elementary School, and Timpview High School.

Shoreline Middle School

Significant progress is underway at Shoreline Middle School, with developments along the 890 South Road taking center stage. The placement of pavement is in full swing, enhancing accessibility and infrastructure. Concurrently, the academic wings to the east are being primed for the installation of cement flooring on the second story. Simultaneously, meticulous work is being carried out to insert windows and door frames, with glass installations notably advancing in the gymnasium area. The auditorium, a key feature of the school, is also making remarkable strides.

Wasatch Elementary School

The transformation of Wasatch Elementary School is on track as well. The foundational elements are firmly in place, with footings and grade beams poured from the first floor upwards through the kitchen cafeteria and second-floor. Plumbing and electrical components have made substantial headway across these areas, bringing them close to completion. Preparations for the pouring of first-floor flatwork cement are in motion, contingent on favorable weather conditions. On the external front, the retaining walls have been installed, setting the stage for landscaping.

Timpview High School

Timpview High School’s new build is rapidly taking shape. The finishing touches– such as carpeting, paint, and tiling– are being diligently applied, contributing to a polished aesthetic. The special education wing, nestled within the I wing, is nearing its final stages and is poised to open its doors for occupancy. The campus expansion includes an ongoing effort to erect new bleachers and structures adjacent to the football field. Substantial headway has been made on pavement and side walls along the northern and eastern perimeters. Plumbing work, especially concerning the HVAC system and piping, is nearing its conclusion.

As these projects continue to evolve, the school district remains committed to enhancing the educational environment for its students. These developments reflect the district’s dedication to modernization and progress, ensuring that students have access to facilities that foster growth and learning.

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