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Each year we celebrate outstanding Educational Support Staff from around the district and honor them at Board Meeting.  This year we took it virtual.  Here are this year’s outstanding ESP Employees:

Meghan Shane

Meghan Shane has made a significant difference for the most challenging students by being cheerful, positive, and consistent. She makes each student feel important and they know she cares about them even as she is teaching appropriate behaviors.  Meghan steps in and does what needs to be done without being asked and always follows through. 

Stacey Call

Stacey Call is a great asset to the school as she works in a variety of capacities. Stacey is able to work independently and effectively manage the tasks that she is assigned to do.  She is excellent at helping students learn good behavior and is a capable manager of the groups she is assigned to work with.

Tina Mecham

Tina Mecham has been at Amelia since it opened in 1998.  She is the head secretary and keeps the school running smoothly.  She is knowledgeable, reliable, and kind to all students, parents, and staff.  The school wouldn’t be the same without her.

Marla Clisbee

Marla Clisbee is a great asset to our kitchen and the students love her.  She is friendly and helpful to students, staff, and parents.  Marla actively participates and dresses up for the special school days.  Marla has voluntarily taken on many additional responsibilities outside of her job description in order to help the short-handed kitchen run smoothly.  She is a great employee.

Janice Howarth

Janice Howarth is dedicated, efficient, creative, and innovative.  She can always be counted on and juggles many different responsibilities in a kind and professional manner.  Jancie has found creative ways to improve and implement cost saving measures that help the preschoolers and the classroom run much smoother. 

Margaret (Peggy) Smith

Peggy Smith is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  She always has a smile on her face and works hard to create unity among the bus drivers.  Even though her age is catching up to her, she never misses a day of work.  Peggy treats all of her students as if they were her grandchildren and you won’t find anyone that has a negative thing to say about her.

Maria Thurston

Maria Thurston is much more than the Secretary at Provo Peaks.  She knows the school and the students extremely well so she can (and does) step in to fill whatever need there might be. Maria is knowledgeable, approachable, accommodating, dedicated, cheerful, positive, and organized.  She is particularly aware of the students in need and is able to connect them with resources in a warm and caring way that helps the parents and families be comfortable at the school.

Michael Glidewell

Summary:  Michael Glidewell brings an exceptionally positive attitude and communicative spirit to the school. He greets everyone with a warm smile and hello even as he is taking care of even the minutest detail in regards to school cleanliness.  His attention to faculty, staff, and student comfort and satisfaction is unprecedented. Michael shares his fun personality through celebration of the holidays. His slow transformation into Santa Claus at Christmas is particularly surprising and delightful.

Sadie Cox

Sadie Cox is a very dependable and capable individual. She keeps very meticulous records which help keep the technology department on track to meeting their goals.  Sadie is an extremely valuable team player who can always be trusted to do any job she is asked and see things through until the end.  Sadie is very level headed and willing to help out whenever she can.  

Cindy Hansen

Cindy Hansen has taken Provo High School’s library to a whole new level.  She has done a fantastic job creating an engaging and positive environment for the students. She has organized the fiction collection into genres which was a massive undertaking.  Cindy is always willing to support the teachers and help the students feel welcome in the library.  Cindy is great to work with and always has the teacher’s and student’s needs and interests in mind as she looks for solutions to problems.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger