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We all dream of a spotless home, but nobody daydreams about tidying up, scrubbing floors, or wiping windows.

Custodians are our unsung heroes. For National Custodian Day, we want not just to celebrate our Custodians but highlight the small, overlooked tasks they do. 

But our custodians serve a greater purpose than beautifying schools. Research regularly shows that clean buildings are not only linked to better health but also better educational outcomes.

Absenteeism is lower, and test scores are higher in clean schools. Provo City School District currently employs over 180 people who facilitate healthy, clean, safe, and comfortable environments for our teachers to teach, and for our students to learn.

They work closely with and near our students. They’re the names and faces that students put to our schools. They set positive precedents in managing problems and handling issues.

We are so grateful for our Custodians. Thanks for everything you do, and if you see a Custodian today, stop by and give them a warm thank-you– they deserve it.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei