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Last modified: September 3, 2021

ESSER Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) 2021 was signed into law on March 11, 2021 and provides an additional $122.8 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ARP ESSER Fund). ARP ESSER Fund awards to SEAs are in the same proportion as each State received funds under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, in fiscal year 2020.

As part of this law, Provo School District is anticipating it will receive $19,438,538. These funds must be used to help respond to students’ social, emotional, and academic needs and address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on underrepresented student subgroups as required by federal and state guidelines.

Per these guidelines, Provo School District plans to use the funds in the following way;

Teacher retention to keep class sizes low$2,444,230
Early Intervention & Summer School Programs$3,630,000
Targeted support for students & employees, and additional social workers$1,155,040
Addressing student learning gaps$3,966,526
School allocations to address specific school needs$3,000,000
Additional leave offered due to COVID 19 diagnosis$1,300,000
PPE – Equipment and supplies to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19$1,575,000
Indirect Costs (as required by state and federal guidelines)$2,409,742

If you have questions or feedback, please contact Derek Anderson at 801-374-4848 or