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Some kids receive their parent’s cleft chins, or their parent’s smiles, or their sleeping habits. Timpview High School Welding student Taylor Penrod seemingly received her parent’s passion for the building process.

“Both of my parents build. My mom, for example, creates structural and decorative timber frames– some are intricate, and some are simple– but they’re all personalized. She’s been doing it for eighteen years.”

However, Taylor didn’t start her welding path until she transferred to Timpview High School during her sophomore year.

“I had an extra elective. I remember my dad saying, “why not welding?” And that question started this whole ordeal. And I have a hard time learning traditionally, but learning to build by hand came naturally– I’m glad I did it. I fell in love with building. Finding structural weaknesses and strengthening your creation– I love that.”

She shared a picture of her leaning against a cherry-colored wood desk, clear-coated, black iron framing as its bones; elegant, sleek, dependable. The desk was her project from last year’s Utah Valley CTE Expo. It was a desk her father helped design.

Her father, however, was dealing with health issues during the time that she was designing the desk. He wrote on the unfinished desk in sharpie, leaving behind an imprint that Taylor might later cover with a paint coat. 

During that time, he passed away due to aforementioned health issues.

Instead of outer-coating the desk, she used a clear coat, forever embossing the message from her father on the desk they built together. She says it’s the project of which she’s most proud.

Taylor is currently enrolled at M-Tech to get her welding certificate. Her goal for the future is to design custom furniture. 

“I’ve made three, and I love the process. I want to create things that last a lifetime.”

Taylor recommends Welding as a class for any student, regardless of their perceived affinity. 

“Welding is a practice that can serve as a great career for those interested or a fallback career. It’s something that is eternally useful. I love hearing stories from friends and family where their grandfathers taught them welding skills, and they’re still welding. That’s what’s amazing about welding– it’s a lifelong trade.”

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei