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#BehindTheMask of this Superhero is Kitchen Manager, Leann Nutig.

Striving daily to provide the best meal service possible, Leann is extremely dedicated to her foodservice profession and to the children and community she serves.

Holding leadership roles on the Provo School Food Service Association Committee and the Provo Education Support Professional negotiating team, Leann takes the extra time to get involved. 

Though there are many diverse rules and regulations regarding Child Nutrition, Leann continues to operate a strategic and efficient kitchen that radiates a loving and welcoming atmosphere.

“Not only does Leann’s breakfast and lunches look great, but they also taste amazing too!” shared a district employee.

“I truly enjoy working with Leann,” shared another, “She is a wholehearted person with boundless energy.”

“Recently, we learned Leann welcomed a new set of twin grandchildren,” shared Provo City School District Child Nutrition Director, Laura Larsen. “She was beaming with love and happiness; the same emotions she shares with Westridge Elementary students every day in the cafeteria.” 

Thank you, Leann, for feeding and serving our students nutritious and delicious meals. Your superpowers (strategy, enthusiasm, creativity, and care) truly make a difference! Your efforts fuel our students’ growth each day.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger