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Last week at Wasatch Elementary, a different country or continent was highlighted each day with a lunchtime activity. This was a wonderful way for the children to learn about various cultures around the world. It allowed parents to come visit and share their knowledge about their home country, or what they learned and saw while living abroad. It also gave the children a chance to interact with other students from different classrooms as they came together to participate in activities.

Each day after lunch, the children would participate in a new activity focused on a new area. Canada was the focus on  Monday and after learning some fun facts, they took a short quiz and were given a little treat for participating. The 5th graders then painted maple leaves on children’s faces. With little native snacks given as brain food, Tuesday was spent learning about China by taking quizzes! Wednesday, the attention was on Chile and was celebrated by coloring pictures, finishing cross-word puzzles and listening to parents talk about the special dances. Africa was all the rage on Thursday when the children had different safari animals painted on their face! Today, the children will attend The Christmas Around the World program at Brigham Young University.

We’re so grateful for all staff, parents, and faculty who came together to make this week possible and educating our students with interesting facts from different cultures in amazing parts of the world!

Alexia Diaz
  • Alexia Diaz

Every year, Franklin Elementary invites students, staff, and parents to bring their cultures into...