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The Provo City School District and Board of Education gladly awarded five Provo Way awards in the month of April. The Provo Way award is an opportunity for the district to celebrate the positive things that students, teachers, administrators, parents and staff do for the district.

The district recognized the following recipients at a board meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

  • Kim Gishi Student Success Coach at Provo Peaks
  • Dixon Lunch Staff: Kathy Espinoza, Lynn Greenlaw, Rocio Casillas, Katherine Kidrick, Robin Morfensen, and Marcia Simmons
  • Leanne Parker Facilitator at Sunset View
  • Julianna Marsh CTE Administrative Assistant
  • June Sanford Instructional Assistant at East Bay Post High

The district will soon begin presenting the Provo Way award for the month of [Upcoming Month], so stay tuned to see our next award winners.

Our students and staff are incredible individuals and it is a privilege for the district to highlight some of them! If you know someone in your school that deserves this award, you can nominate them. Provo Way Nomination Form.

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