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During the April 16 Board Meeting, the school board received an updated report of the ongoing construction developments at Timpview High, Shoreline Middle, and Wasatch Elementary.

Timpview High School

Demolition activities were delayed by five days due to noise issues. Despite this, the demolition is nearly complete, pending the removal of old mechanical pipes. 

In a positive light, the construction of footings is ahead of schedule, with the installation of piers already underway, particularly around the cafeteria area.

The construction of the new bleachers and the corresponding buildings is complete, pending the arrival of the announcer booth, which is scheduled for June. The South Road is operational and designed for ADA compliance and emergency access. The pavilion, a vital feature of the new campus, is slated for completion by the end of May or early June.

(Review all Timpview slides in the link at the top of the article, or in the gallery at the bottom of the article.)

Wasatch Elementary

Wasatch Elementary is seeing substantial completion in various sections. The team has installed all roofing, and the focus has shifted to the kindergarten area. The school’s exterior will temporarily don a waterproof black finish during the waterproofing process. 

The interiors are advancing, with the first floor’s drywall already set up, where painting is due soon. The second-floor drywall is complete and ready for taping, and the third-floor flooring was poured this week.

All essential utilities, including electrical installations, should be in place by January, with windows being installed in the kindergarten this week.

The site’s landscaping is nearing completion, and the final retaining walls are expected to be finished by this month. A second landscaping phase involving boulder placements has been completed, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the school grounds.

Shoreline Middle School

Shoreline Middle is on the brink of completion. The exterior and primary mechanical systems have been finalized. Current efforts are focused on landscaping, with concrete pathways laid down, including those in the basketball court area. Interior work is progressing well with complete carpets, ceilings, and casework installations. The administration wing and the learning center are set for painting shortly. With the cafeteria and theater stage details finalized, the school remains on track for completion by the end of June or early July. Furniture installations will follow the construction completion.

Spencer Tuinei
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  • Spencer Tuinei