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Amelia Earhart students celebrated their semiannual activity for the Earhart Society of Literacy Scholars Program. This year the activity was an Egg Drop, where every class contributed by creating a contraption that would help an egg survive a fatal drop. 

The Earhart Society spotlights 16 grade-level books throughout the semester. This year the whole school read “After the Fall”, by Dan Santat. The challenges vary each time and are always connected to the most recent spotlight book. The Egg Drop activity allowed for students to work together, connect what they read, and highlighted the traits and attributes Amelia Earhart strives to instill in their students.

The challenge stated, “It wasn’t so long ago that a sweet, little egg fell from a great height and wasn’t put all back together again just right. Poor Humpty Dumpty had such a great fall, but what if he had had a safety harness when he fell? We are here today to protect Humpty from ever having such a bad fall again. Now, with all good safety harnesses, it needs to meet certain standards, but Humpty’s standards rely on your understanding of the other stories we’ve read this year. Use the provided box of materials, stuff around your classroom, and these standards to make a safety harness that can protect Humpty from another big fall.”

Points were given based on the after effects of the fall. Zero points for an egg that was cracked and spilled, fifty points for cracks only, and one hundred points for a perfect egg! Lydia Knudsen’s first grade class had a trick up their sleeve and brought stuffed animals to cushion the fall and ultimately received the one hundred points.

Overall, the teachers and staff at Amelia Earhart are able to emphasize the joy of books and power in reading to their students through participating in these exciting challenges. 

Melissa Calvillo
  • Melissa Calvillo