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Starting this year, the district is awarding a few deserving Administrative, Counseling, Social Work, and Professional and Technical Employees of the Year with an annual award.

We proudly present these award recipients, and thank them for the excellence demonstrated in their field.

Isabel Gomes – Social Worker – Franklin

Isabel is the very definition of a true social worker.  It seems as though never a moment passes where she isn’t helping someone or doing something kind to lift up another person.  Whether it’s a student having a hard day at school or a family facing an impossible situation, Isabel is an ally, advocate, and support to those in need. 

Isabel is a great example of a team player. She jumps in and helps in any situation and handles stressful situations with a smile on her face and her naturally calming demeanor. We value the many contributions Isabel makes in the Provo City School District!

David Merrill – Counselor – Centennial – Written by: Phil Sudweeks, School Counselor

I have learned so much about what it means to be a School Counselor from Dave over the years. Dave had a very easy-going, approachable style that put kids immediately at ease in his presence, which is a huge asset as a school counselor. Dave was always respectful to students and not surprisingly, received the same back from them. Dave was a genuinely funny person and understood from his first day the power that humor has in building relationships with students and parents. Above all else, he was kind to everyone. Because of these traits and many others, Dave has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students, parents and co-workers over the years who will never forget him and the impact he had on their lives.

Jeri Marshall – College & Career Center Coordinator – Provo High

Jeri has been a rock in her department at Provo High School. Her 30+ years have made her an invaluable resource of information which has helped the department be more efficient, productive and organized. She has helped us implement new ideas that have really helped her Department.  She goes above and beyond to help our students achieve great things. She is wonderful with all of our Sterling Scholars and helps push them to showcase their true potentials. 

Momi Tu’ua – Principal – Timpview High

Momi has had a lot to navigate this year . She’s had construction, she’s had to navigate parking, she’s had to navigate traffic, all while keeping an eye on academic outcomes and classroom instruction. That has always been at the forefront for Momi.

Momi  is always in the hallways interacting with students and she is always encouraging teachers and looking out for their best interests. She is  a huge advocate for educators and the teachers in her building. She does a lot of work behind the scenes that they’re probably not even aware of.  Momi is someone that we can all look to as a leader, not only at Timpview High School, but here within the district. 

Tommy Hirschi – Assistant Principal – Dixon

One of the best things about Tommy is how approachable he is. Students, staff and community members all know that they can approach Tommy and that if they have a problem he is going to do what he can to solve it, even if he doesn’t have the answer right then and there. He is always looking out for students that may not be successful without his help. He takes them under his wing and makes sure that they have an adult in the building that they know cares for them and is there for them in any challenges that they face.

The faculty and staff have also talked about how supportive he is of them. Tommy has done a great job at putting them in a position to really excel next year as they move into a new facility over at Shoreline. 

Mark Burge – Principal – Provo Peaks

Mark Burge has made such a difference at Provo Peaks Elementary. On any given day, you will find Mark actively engaged with the students, parents and staff members in the hallways and on the playground. His ability to quickly establish meaningful relationships and call students by their name puts all of them at ease every day. Mark was recently recognized by the Utah Association of Elementary School Principals as a leader and as a difference maker for the years of service that he has provided at Provo Peaks. 

Jay Porter – Assistant Principal – Wasatch

Jay Porter has been a welcome addition to Wasatch Elementary School for the past few years. Jay’s calm and persistent demeanor, paired with his witty personality have allowed him to build strong and meaningful relationships with students, parents, and staff members. His presence at Wasatch has helped put so many students at ease and allowed them to have positive and engaging experiences at school. Jay was recently hired as Principal at Spring Creek Elementary School where he will continue his commitment to helping students, staff, and others in the community. 

Liz Boardman – Payroll Coordinator – District Office

Liz has been a part of the district for a long time and has been helpful to many, many people. One of the things that is loved about Liz is that she’s known so many people for a long time and has a personal relationship with them, which makes it easier when something needs to be worked out or fixed. Liz is one of the bubbliest, kindest people in the district. She has a lot of responsibilities every day, so not everyone has the opportunity to see that. But for those of us that get to work with her all the time, we get to see a very warm and caring person. We appreciate her and she is very deserving of this recognition.

Bonnie Tautkus – Executive Assistant – District Office

Bonnie serves as the executive administrative assistant to both the Superintendent and the Board of Education. She manages their calendars and ensures that the Superintendent is staying on schedule (or pretty close). She starts every day by asking her, “What can I do to make your day less hectic?” One of Bonnie’s most important tasks is taking calls from the public. She has a gift for helping people feel heard and for creating a calming space for them to share their thoughts. She helps them find the correct person they need to speak with so that they can have their concerns resolved effectively and efficiently. She is kind and hard working and one of the very best individuals many have ever worked with. 

JP Pontious  – District Technology Department

JP has been an important part of the Technology Department for the past 23 years.  His knowledge of many systems and his willingness to adapt to the ever changing technology field make him an important asset to the department and to the entire district.

JP does not shy away from technology he does not know, but goes after it and learns it.  

JP is friendly and approachable and able to communicate effectively with the many departments he is asked to work and meet with.

All who work with JP are aware of his knowledge but also of his dedication to Provo City School District and the well being of Technology throughout the district.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei