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Some families are pillars upholding their community, their names synonymous with service and goodwill. No matter the circumstance or situation, they lift others.

For Spring Creek and Provo at large, that family name belongs to Rick and Midge (Richard and Cherilyn) Johnson, our Spring Creek Elementary Campus Supervisors.

“Rick and Midge are married and retired professionals who understand the importance of student support in education. After all, their daughter, Heather Chatwin, works in Provo City School District as a school nurse,” shared nominator and Spring Creek Principal Ruth Ann Snow.

“Even though they are both retired, they applied for open positions to support the local community when they heard we were looking for extra support for our lunch recess time.”

No one is in a better position to notice the large-scale effects of an individual than a principal. And, in their brief time at Spring Creek, Snow says that she’s seen them establish positive relationships with everyone that comes their way, whether they be student or staff members.

“They are here every day and go above and beyond in all they do. We are incredibly grateful for their support and the positive impact they are making in the lives of our students.”

Few people are willing to volunteer to support our students; fewer continue to support and serve students through retirement. We congratulate them for receiving the Provo Way Award and thank them for being an example for all of us in the district.

Thank you.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei