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District-wide elementary students engaged in an exhilarating clash during the 2023 Battle of the Books Finals. All students, families, and librarians involved diligently prepared for this night of literary warfare.

The students were divided into school teams based on grade level; third and fourth graders forming one faction, and fifth and sixth graders comprising the other. Student teams answered deviously tricky questions, probing their knowledge of the primary characters and lesser-known secondary and tertiary characters. Some questions even tested their comprehension of unique plot points that only astute readers would notice.

The top teams from each school’s local competition earned the honor of representing their schools on this prestigious night. Before making it to the finals, each team had to showcase its prowess in earlier school battles. Every student who participated in this event, as do the librarians who coordinated the readings, practices, and events, deserves acclaim. Looking around the audience, one could see each school’s librarian beaming with hope for their team’s victory.

Instilling a love of reading in children and fostering community involvement can be a demanding task. However, for our librarians, it is a labor of love that transcends their regular duties. They tirelessly strive to breathe life into books, elevating the reading experience for students. The Battle of the Books event helps to create city culture, and it is just one of the myriad ways our librarians contribute to cultivating a robust school culture.

Here is the list of our school teams and their scores:

3-4 Battle starting with place, school and points:

1-Lakeview-77 + 42

2-Provost-77 + 35

3- Sunset View-70

3- Wasatch-70

4-Canyon Crest-69



6-Provo Peaks-63

7-Rock Canyon-61

8-Rock Canyon 59

9-Spring Creek-57



5-6 Battle starting with palace, school and points:

1-Provo Peaks-84 + 42 (perfect scores)



3-Canyon Crest-77



3-Sunset View- 77



5-Rock Canyon-68



7-Spring Creek-61

We extend our sincerest gratitude to all of our librarians for their unwavering commitment to promoting our students’ intellectual and emotional well-being and for their ongoing efforts to create a culture of curiosity and creativity through the power of literature.

Alexander Glaves
  • Social Media/Marketing Specialist
  • Alexander Glaves