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Last modified: March 21, 2024

Accelerated Learning


Provo City School District is committed to assessing the educational needs of academically talented students and providing them with a differentiated education designed to help them continually progress academically and to achieve their high academic potential while addressing their unique needs.

All students, including the academically talented, have the right to be engaged and challenged every day. Differentiation of curriculum for academically talented students creates a spillover effect that improves education and the quality of life in the community. The community, including the school system, has a responsibility to help develop the potential of academically talented students.

Available Services

Center for Accelerated Studies (CAS)

The Center for Accelerated Studies is a full-time gifted magnet program for students in grades 4-6 from across the district, which was created to address the unique instructional needs of academically gifted students. It serves about 180 gifted students who have demonstrated high proficiency in mathematics, science, and language arts.

It provides the opportunity for gifted students to move beyond the core curriculum, as they have demonstrated mastery of grade-level curriculum. CAS provides unique enrichment activities that are particularly appropriate for students who learn at a more rapid pace, and desire to delve deeply into curricular topics and work as practitioners in various fields of study. The flexible and more rapid pacing in the CAS classrooms meets the needs of gifted students. The CAS students become a close-knit group, as they have opportunities for many friendships with intellectual and social peers. The students learn to respect the differences, gifts, and achievements of peers.

The gifted magnet classrooms are located at Provo Peaks Elementary School (665 East Center Street) and Sunset View (525 S 1600 W). Students that live within district boundaries and/or are enrolled in Provo District schools will be considered first for placement in this program.


CogAT assessments will be administered to all 3rd-grade students by December 2019.  Please contact your child’s school for specific test dates.  There will be makeup testing available in both May and July for students unable to take the assessment during the regularly scheduled time.

  • How do I apply for my child to attend CAS?

    Applications for the CAS program are no longer required.  All 3rd-grade students in PCSD will be considered for potential placement into CAS.  Multiple sources of data, as well as input from each child’s school, will be taken into consideration.  A CAS committee will review all pertinent data and extend invitations to those students who would best benefit from an accelerated program.  Parents will then have the option to accept or decline the invitation. Once a student is accepted into the program, he/she is placed for all remaining elementary school years.

  • How can I have my child take the required CoGAT exam?

    The CogAT assessment will be administered to all 3rd-grade students in Provo City School District during the regular school day.  Students in 4th and 5th grade may also take part in this assessment if requested.  Contact your school if you have an interested 4th or 5th-grade student.

    If your student is not currently enrolled in Provo City School District, he/she may still take part in the CogAT assessment.  If you have questions regarding the CogAT, please contact the PCSD Assessment department.

    Ron Twitchell (Director of Assessment)

    Anna Smith (Administrative Assistant)

  • Is CAS a pull-out program?

    No, CAS places students in an accelerated classroom for the entire school day.

  • Can my child receive other accelerated services in our regular, boundary school?

    Yes. Every school has opportunities for accelerated students to learn at high levels. Contact your school’s principal to discuss the options for your child.

  • Who benefits from a CAS classroom?

    Students who enjoy being challenged and learning at an accelerated pace often excel in CAS classes. Sometimes high performing students who feel socially awkward in school have developed social skills and peer relationships not seen before. Here is one parent’s report about her child’s experience in CAS–it is typical of many CAS parents’ responses:

    [C.A.S] has captured the interest of my child and increased her love of learning. I love that my daughter’s confidence and self-esteem have improved. She is exemplifying the “growth mindset.” The main reason I wanted her in CAS is because of the content of the academics that would be offered. So many good things have come from CAS.

  • Does the district bus students to CAS sites?

    Unfortunately, no. The state does not fund transportation services for parent choice programs such as CAS and Dual Language Immersion. In some cases, parents have coordinated carpools to CAS sites.

  • If I have a child in CAS, can my other children attend the school, as well?

    In many cases, yes. As in other school choice instances, parents need to apply for this boundary exception to the Student Services department at the Provo City School District offices (280 West 940 North). This is done separately from the CAS application.

For questions about the accelerated program, acceptance process, locations, out of district testing, etc. Contact, Judy Rose (Director of Curriculum)