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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

5th Grade Maturation

Hello 5th-grade Parents,

This page provides information and resources about the PCSD 5th-grade Maturation Program. Each 30-minute video presentation (approved December 2020) covers the 5th grade Human Development Standards found in the USBE Health Core Standards:

  • Standard 6.HD.1- How the timing of puberty and adolescent development varies, including that there is a wide range of what is healthy or typical.
  • Standard 6.HD.2- The basic structures of the reproductive and endocrine systems and their respective functions.
  • Standard 6. HD.3- The body changes that accompany puberty and how puberty prepares human bodies for reproduction.
  • Standard 6. HD.4- The physical, social, and emotional changes that occur during puberty and adolescence and healthy ways to manage these changes.
  • Standard 6. HD.5- Identifies trusted adults (for example, parent, guardian, relative, teacher, counselor, clergy) to talk with about puberty.
  • Standard 6. HD.6- How to clearly say no, leave a situation or interaction, identify, and talk with a trusted adult when feeling uncomfortable, afraid, or unsafe.

We encourage parents to have open and honest conversations with your student that are aligned to your families’ values. Below you will find the videos that will be shown to 5th-grade students, with parent consent. As well as many resources to support conversations in your home about maturation and puberty.

For any further questions please contact Lindsay Baccus, Curriculum Specialist-Health/PE/Social Studies at