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Last modified: March 30, 2021

German Internship

Address: Timpview High School

Prerequisite: Any student who has completed German 2 is eligible to be a German intern.

Internship Description:

Completing a German internship at Timpview High School is a great opportunity to expand your own German skills and develop teaching skills.  Students who are thinking about becoming a German teacher or a teacher on any level are fantastic candidates. As a German intern at Timpview, you will teach short lessons to a German class, tutor individual students in German, and teach an introduction to German class at an elementary school as a part of their after school program. Based on individual interest, a German intern can focus their efforts more on any one of these three options and less on the others. A German internship is available in both the Fall and Winter semesters. A student can sign up for the internship during any period that German is offered at Timpview. Interns will work closely with Mr. Van Orden to create an individual plan of what the intern will do during the internship.