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Last modified: August 17, 2023

District STEM Fair

Information about the 2023-24 District STEM Fair is coming soon!

Congratulations to all of the STEM Fair Participants from this year 2023. The following projects have been selected to move on to CUSEF. Letters will be delivered to schools. Students may improve their project before attending CUSEF, all students at CUSEF should have a tri-fold poster. 

Thank you for being awesome! Go Out And Learn!

Secondary School Winners & CUSEF Qualifiers 2023:

Forms with information regarding CUSEF Registration will be sent to individual schools. Congratulations to our winners!

Grand Champion: 345 Sarah Lee

1st Place: 300 Lena Wursten & Elise Pace, 310 Sloan Chase, 326 Alex Guthrie

2nd Place: 324 Jonathan Lyu, 342 Adamells Banya, 336 Sky Teeples

3rd Place: 301 Rachel Argyle, 302 Brynlee Astle & Janae Snyder, 340 Henry Anderson, 315 Vivian Gunter

Honorable Mention: 307 Anna Wursten & Lily Chen, 322 Nathan Fellars, 338 Daisy Eliason, 328 Lily Homer, 311 Kwincie Clark, 317 Nanako Nakano, 316 Sadie James, 337 Camille Scruton, 314 Michael Sims, 333 Andrew Taylor & Harrison Wiley, 306 Paul Dynes & Sean Yamada, 319 Eliza Pearson, 309 Nixon Haering & Bennett Schmutz, 332 Siqi Pang

Elementary School Winners and CUSEF qualifiers 2023:

Grand Champions: 157 Ember Koller, 112 Eva Fellars

1st Place: 182 Christopher Hodges, 143 Liam Mecham, 190 Joshua Jenkins, 106 Mary Schiffman, 208 Rebekah Stovall, 156 Isabelle Gotberg, 137 Ginger Cosman

2nd Place: 102 Aurora Swapp, Adia Cardona Bonilla & Halle Milles, 121 Archie King, 218 Eli Isom, 134 Remy Hoiland 171 Maelle Homer, 168 Anne Smalley

3rd Place: 107 Luke Whitesides, 141 Desmond Caldwell, 183 Tanner Post, 135 Isaac Thomas & Liam Waither, 130 Emi Kim, 209 Katie Allen

Honorable Mention: 191 Ian Story, 103 Ryan Stewart, 160 Benjamin Padilla &  William Hatch, 144 Lydia Blodgett, Evelynn Cook & Aeris Gunby, 118 Escarlet Gonzalez Garcia, 126 Lily Johnson, 145 Katelyn Bradshaw & Elizabeth Borrowman, 108 Benson Teemant, Owyn Kauvaka & Ignacio Garcia, 176 Isaac Peterson, 198 Claudia Memmott, 133 Hartley Shane, 181 Takuma Onda, 132 Kairi Duenas, 138 Jamison Dennis & Salesi Wolfgramm, 120 Annette Zabayo & Eva Miles, 101 Ryan Cannegieter, 214 Liam Rowan, 127 Megan Lamas, 150 Ivy Gibson, 169 Elsie Burton, 142 Olive Atkinson & Violet West, 159 Erik Glyseth, 117 Rylee Smith & Daniela Mendoza Galindo, 148 Janelly Castro, 146 Paxton Park, 109 Kaleb Kuhni & Skyler Coon, 167 James Hawes, 124 Rachel Wilkins, 210 Audrey Harker, Saron Winn & Ginger Robertson


If your project qualified to move on to the CUSEF (Central Utah Science Engineering Fair), please register online.

For more information please visit the Central Utah STEM Fair Website

Forms for STEM Fair Participation

The CUSEF (Central Utah Science & Engineering Fair) forms are used for all levels of the competition.

Helpful Hints

Below you will find links to help you create a project with all the elements to be successful, helpful resources, and judging rubrics. If you have questions, please contact your school’s STEM Fair Coordinator.

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