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Last modified: October 28, 2022


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hiring Of New Contracted Employees

Who do I contact once I become the selected candidate? Once you have been selected at the school/location, your information will be sent to the HR department. They will issue a packet of information and forms to you. If you have not received it within 2 weeks of being hired please contact the HR Administrative Assistant through the contact info listed above.

Where do I go to for my new employee sign up appointment? New employee sign-up is done at the Provo City School District Office which is located at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT in the HR Offices.

What do I need to bring with me to sign up for employment? You will need to bring with you the forms included in the packet you received from HR, a current picture ID (i.e. Driver License, Passport, etc.), your original social security card, a voided check from your personal bank account for direct deposit, a copy of your current Utah Teaching license (interns excluded), verification of related experience if any, original transcripts (interns excluded), verification of Praxis test and 2 letters of recommendation.

Who do I need to contact to sign up for benefits? You will need to contact the Benefits Coordinator at the District Office at (801) 374-4847.

How long will the sign-up process take? Completion of this sign-up process takes approximately twenty minutes and must be completed all at once. At this time you may also briefly meet with the Benefits Coordinator to make an appointment to sign up for benefits.

Can someone else fill out the paperwork for me? No. Every employee must come in personally and complete the paperwork. You may bring someone with you if you feel you need assistance.

When will I get paid? If you are a new teacher hired at the beginning of the school year, your first check will be issued on September 15th. If you are contracted employee, you will receive your first check on the next closest pay day. (Example: If you are hired on February 5th, you will receive your first paycheck on February 15th. If you are hired on February 20th, you will receive your first pay check on March 15th. See PAYCHECK tab.

When will my benefits begin? If you are a contracted employee hired at the beginning of the school year, your benefits will begin on September 1st. If you are contracted employee hired mid-year, you benefits will begin on the 1st day of the month after you were hired. (Example: If you are hired on February 5th, you will benefits will begin March 1st.)

When will I get my Provo City School district employee ID? Your employee ID will be issued once the HR department has received the PAF authorizing your employment. When you come in to complete the new employee paperwork, your Provo City School District ID number will be given to you then.

As a new teacher, when will I get my CACTUS ID? The Provo School District HR Department will enter your information after July 1st. Once that is completed, you can find your CACTUS ID by going to and follow instructions to login and create an account.