K-8 Registration

New Student Registration

If your student is new to Provo City School District, use this registration form. If you have not logged in before, create a login name and password. Enter your name, NOT the student’s name.

Please fill out the information for one student at a time. All forms in the registration process must be filled out in order to submit the registration. Upon receipt of a completed registration packet, eSchool staff will review, and if all is correctly completed, accept the registration.

Parents must also provide the documents listed at the end of the registration process, namely copies of a student’s birth certificate, immunization record, proof of residency, and special ed (IEP) documentation if applicable. All documents should be e-mailed to eschool@provo.edu or faxed to 801-374-4996.

K-8 Registration

If your student is in grades K-8, use the K-12 Parent Portal to register your student and fill out the K12 portion of the application. This process is necessary to receive materials for class. Please choose your student’s elective(s) by filling out this   K-8 Electives form

What To Expect

Students using the K12 program (grades K-8) participate in a hybrid learning system. Some materials and workbooks will be sent home for the student to use as well as having access to their classes and other materials online. The learning coach (usually the parent/guardian) will guide their student through the courses each day, recording their progress online. Weekly student progress goals take the place of daily attendance. All courses are asynchronous. A Utah-certified teacher is assigned to each student to help with content mastery, pacing, scheduling, etc. and can be contacted via phone, email, or video conference. The family is responsible for their own internet access and computer.

K12 Course Schedule by Grade


Full-time=3 classes

·      Math, Language Arts, 1 other (science, history, art, music)

1st-2nd grade

Full-time=5 classes

·      Math, Language Arts, Science, History, and 1 elective (art or music)

3rd-5th grade

Full-time=5 classes

·      Math, Language Arts, Science, History, and 1 elective (art, music, Chinese, French, German, Spanish)

6-8th grade

Full-time=6 classes

·      Math, Language Arts, Science, History, and 2 electives (art, music, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish, Health, Career Explorations, Computer Literacy, Journalism, Photography, PE)

**Courses are yearlong for grades K-5, semester-length for grades 6-8.

Online/Offline Split

Grades K-5

50% online/50% offline

The 50% offline usually involves the learning coach/parent (scripted portions of the lesson, setting up experiments, grading some quizzes, etc.). The amount of time a full-time student spends on K12 is comparable to learning time in a brick and mortar school, 4-6 hours a day. A parent is involved directly for 2-3 hours a day of that (excluding prepping/gathering materials).

Grades 6-8

Split online/offline

            Math is 100% online. Other subjects are 80% online/20% offline. Little to no parental involvement required in daily lessons. Students always need support of parents overall.

View Sample K12 Lessons here: https://www.k12.com/online-public-schools/k-8-program-courses/sample-lessons.html