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Last modified: June 18, 2024

eSchool High School Registration

eSchool High School Registration

All high school students in the Provo City School District must be enrolled at Independence, Provo, or Timpview High School. Students may enroll in online courses with counselor permission, but eSchool does not accept full-time high school students nor award diplomas. Students choose online courses by meeting with their high school counselor. Provo Online courses are accredited, but not NCAA-approved.

What To Expect

Students in grades 9-12 will receive online access to their courses. All curriculum is found there and students complete and turn in assignments through the online course portal. All communication will come to the student’s student email address or their online dashboard.


High school students may take courses from Provo Online (powered by BYU IS through Buzz) with Provo City School District teachers.  We offer original credit and credit recovery courses. 


Students may enroll in an online course at anytime during the school year. They’ll be given 6o days from the day they’re enrolled to finish the coursework and take the final exam. Students who do not finish in 60 days may receive one 60-day extension by paying a $15 fee through their high school’s financial secretary. All courses have a strict end date of the last day of school. 


Students are required to be engaged in their online courses until they are completed. Students will be receiving P-scores for their activity in online courses each Friday. A P0 score means they did not login, complete work, or contact their teacher during a given week. P2 scores mean they logged in, completed work and/or contacted their teacher. If a student receives a P0 score for any week during the term, eSchool will text and email the student, their parent(s)/guardian(s), and school counselor to inform them of the P0 score(s) and that there is an attendance/participation concern.

Please be sure students are engaged each week in their online courses. Contact Clint Smith ( with any questions.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery courses are available for students in grades 9-12 who previously failed a core course. These courses must be completed within 60 days of enrollment. Credit recovery course grades do not replace failed grades, but a Pass grade is added to the student’s transcript showing the credit has been completed.

Grade Replacement

A student who has failed a course or gotten a low grade and wishes to replace the grade, may take a comparable original credit online course to replace that grade. The student must have the plan and course approved prior to enrolling online. The new grade earned will replace the previous grade on the student’s transcript.

Graduation Requirements

Provo eSchool no longer enrolls full-time high school students or awards diplomas. However, Provo School District high school students may still take accredited online courses through eSchool that count toward a high school diploma.

Provo School District Graduation Requirements

  9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade
(4) English (3) & Language Arts (1) English 9 (1) English 10 (1) English 11 (1) English 12 (1) or Other (1)
(3) Math* Secondary Math I (1) Secondary Math II (1) Secondary Math III (1) Optional advanced math
(3) Science Earth Science (1) Biology (1) Chemistry (1) or Physics (1) Optional advanced science
(3) Social Studies

World Geography (.5)

World Civilizations (.5)

US History (1)

US Government (.5)

Social Studies (.5)

Optional advanced social studies
(3.5) Directed Course work Digital Studies (.5) CTE (1) Fine Arts (1) & Personal Finance (.5) Fine Arts (.5)
(2) PE/Health Fitness for Life (.5) & Health (.5) PE (1)
(5.5) Electives
(24) Total

*Students who take Secondary Math in 8th grade follow the same continuum. Pre-Calculus follows Secondary Math III.

Italicized courses are mandatory.

Classes do not have to be taken in the exact arrangement specified above. All credits must be met, but courses may be taken in different years than suggested.