High School Registration

New Student Registration

If your student is new to Provo City School District, use this registration form. If you have not logged in before, create a login name and password. Enter your name, NOT the student’s name.

Please fill out the information for one student at a time. All forms in the registration process must be filled out in order to submit the registration. Upon receipt of a completed registration packet, eSchool staff will review, and if all is correctly completed, accept the registration.

Parents must also provide the documents listed at the end of the registration process, namely copies of a student’s birth certificate, immunization record, proof of residency, and special ed (IEP) documentation if applicable. All documents should be e-mailed to eschool@provo.edu or faxed to 801-374-4996.

High School Registration

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, eSchool will only accept full-time high school students who live in Provo School District. Once registered in Provo School District, students must fill out and submit the Secondary Enrollment Form to the eSchool office in person, via e-mail (eSchool@provo.edu) or fax (801-374-4996).

Students who wish to take courses through Edgenuity, please register using the course catalog below:

High school students living outside of Provo may enroll part-time through the Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP). To request courses through this program, please visit seats.schools.utah.gov. Once approved, eSchool will be notified of the requested courses. Students must also fill out the Secondary Enrollment Form (see link above), and if applicable, register for Edgenuity courses using the link below:

What To Expect

Students using the K12 program (grades K-8) participate in a hybrid learning system. Some materials and workbooks will be sent home for the student to use as well as having access to their classes and other materials online. The learning coach will guide their student through the courses each day, recording their progress online.

Students in grades 9-12 will receive online access to their courses. All curriculum is found there and students complete and turn in assignments through the online course portal.


Students in grades 9-12 may take courses from Edgenuity or BYU Independent Study. Most core classes are offered by both providers, but most electives are offered by one or the other. See the High School Courses page for more information on individual classes. In general, Edgenuity courses have many small assignments and BYU IS courses have a few larger assignments. Edgenuity courses have a teacher available for help via e-mail or online chat/tutor sessions. BYU IS classes offer free tutoring on the BYU IS campus in Provo, UT.

Graduation Requirements

Students may receive a Utah high school diploma through Provo eSchool provided they complete the following requirements. (see grad requirements chart)

Provo eSchool Graduation Requirements

9th grade10th grade11th grade12th grade
(4) English (3) & Language Arts (1)English 9 (1)English 10 (1)English 11 (1)English 12 (1) or Other (1)
(3) Math*Secondary Math I (1)Secondary Math II (1)Secondary Math III (1)Optional advanced math
(3) ScienceEarth Science (1)Biology (1)Chemistry (1) or Physics (1)Optional advanced science
(2.5) Social StudiesWorld Geography (.5)

World Civilizations (.5)

US History (1)US Government (.5)Optional advanced social studies
(3.5) Directed Course workComputer Fundamentals (.5)CTE (1)Fine Arts (1) & Personal Finance (.5)Fine Arts (.5)
(2) PE/HealthFitness for Life (.5) & Health (.5)PE (1)
(6) Electives
(24) Total

*Students who take Secondary Math in 8th grade follow the same continuum. Pre-Calculus follows Secondary Math III.

Italicized courses are mandatory.

Classes do not have to be taken in the exact arrangement specified above. All credits must be met, but courses may be taken in different years than suggested.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery courses are available for students in grades 9-12 who previously failed a core course. Credit recovery courses cost $35 per term and students are given 5 weeks to complete these courses. Credit recovery course grades do not replace failed grades, but are added into the student’s overall GPA.