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Last modified: June 15, 2023

Find out more about Provo eSchool

There is no cost!

There is absolutely no cost to you to enroll your K-12 child in eSchool.

Over 100 courses to choose from

Provo eSchool offers over 100 online courses.

Any student can enroll

Not only students living in Provo, but ALL K-8 students living in Utah are encouraged to enroll in Provo eSchool full-time. Dual enrollment is a popular choice where students can be enrolled at their local brick and mortar school and also enrolled in eSchool, participating in online courses. Dual enrollment is only available within Provo School District for grades 3-12.

A dedicated staff to help your child

Staff will be available to help you and your child succeed. Utah-certified teachers are behind each online course–answering questions, tracking student progress, and providing support. Knowledgeable office staff guide you through registration and trouble shooting as well as organize end of level testing and Chromebook distribution.

Make home schooling easier!

Provo eSchool provides an easier way for parents to educate their children at home.