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Last modified: June 15, 2023

6-8 Electives

Career Explorations II

Imagine that it’s 20 years from now. What career do you see yourself in? What do you imagine that you’ll be doing? Will you be fighting forest fires or engineering the next rocket into space? With all the careers available, it can be difficult to narrow them down. In Middle School Career Exploration II we’ll explore more careers and what it takes to succeed in them. You’ll learn more about what steps to take to prepare for your career and how to compare the pros and cons of different career choices. Finally, you’ll get the chance to try out parts of different careers to see if you’re a perfect fit!

  • Length: one semester

Computer Literacy

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts necessary to use computers; use word processing software to create documents; develop skills in spreadsheet software to format cells, work with data, and use advanced formulas and functions; and use presentation software to create dynamic slide shows featuring text, objects, animation, and transitions. The course prepares students for further study via computer-related courses. The use of hands-on learning experiences ensures important computer concepts are thoroughly understood. In addition to learning the essentials of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software, students examine the building blocks of microcomputers, Microsoft Windows, and using the internet wisely.

  • Length: two semesters


Who? What? When? Where? Journalism provides us with answers to these questions for the events that affect our lives. In this course, students learn how to gather information, organize ideas, format stories for different forms of news media, and edit their stories for publication. The course also examines the historical development of journalism and the role of journalism in society.

  • Length: one semester


Photographs play an important role in our world today. We photograph to preserve memories, document events, and create artistic works. This course introduces students to the basics of photography, including camera functions and photo composition. Students will learn what it takes to create a good photograph and how to improve photographs of animals, people, and vacations. They will also begin working with their photographs using photo-editing software. Through a variety of assigned projects, students will engage their creativity by photographing a range of subjects and learning to see the world through the lens of their cameras.

  • Length: one semester
  • Materials required: Digital camera