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Last modified: February 12, 2020

Camp Staff

A Message from our Camp Director

The Provo School District Outdoor Education Program at Camp Big Springs provides a fantastic opportunity for the children of Provo School District. We are grateful for the partnership Provo School District has with Provo City in this project. Provo City provides the location and maintains the area where the camp is held. Provo School District provides all of the equipment, staff and programs. Parents who attended Big Springs years ago are now sending their children, wanting them to have the same great experience they had. Friendships are made between students that are long lasting. Students come home at the end of the week singing campfire songs and sharing experiences with their families. The curriculum that is taught may be forgotten over the years, but the memories of the good times will last forever.

Camp Teachers

Primarily the instructors at Camp Big Springs are elementary classroom teachers from Provo School District. Most of them have been working in the program for a number of years. During the day they teach science concepts taken from the 5th and 6th grade core curriculum that relate to the outdoors. They also teach arts and crafts classes in the late afternoon and lead the students in recreation activities. Each teacher is assigned to a “tent” of boys or girls, and is responsible for their group throughout the duration of the camp.

Camp Staff

There are many other staff members that help the camp run smoothly. The kitchen staff is made up of a manager and several young men and women who are responsible for preparing and serving the meals. They also are responsible for the maintenance of the camp and keeping everything in good working order. They help with arts and crafts and recreation activities. The food truck driver and cooks at Timpview High School do a great job as well.

camp staff