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Last modified: February 22, 2023

Camp Parent Information

registration for campOutdoor Education Goals

Some of the general things we hope to accomplish are:

  1. Studying elementary science concepts in a lab setting of the outdoors.
  2. Learning to live outdoors and become acquainted with the outdoor environment.
  3. Experiencing individual growth and development. This covers a broad spectrum, but in the area or curriculum, we specifically try to integrate our classes with the 5th and 6th grade science concepts.
  4. Learning to live and work together.
  5. Practicing health and safety
  6. Developing new skills, interests, and perfecting old ones.
  7. Developing values through appreciation and concern for others.
  8. Enjoying a recreational experience.


Camp Big Springs is located up the South Fork of Provo Canyon on a beautiful and secluded spot owned by Provo City.


The staff is made up primarily of professional educators from Provo City School District. There are four male teachers, four female teachers, Director, Assistant Director, Nurse, food truck driver, custodian, as well as other auxiliary staff.


The students meet at 8:00am on the Monday they are scheduled to leave. They return the following Friday at 12noon.


Meals are provided by the Timpview High School lunch staff using menus that have proven to be well received by the students.


Our setting is quite rustic without many of the comforts of home, but we feel that this is a useful part of the learning experience offered.


The fee for Camp Big Springs is determined yearly and has not yet been decided for 2021.

Important Documents