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It’s no secret that Utah Lake has had some problems with algae. However, fourth graders at Westridge Elementary have been trying to change that.

The Daily Herald recently featured the fourth graders for their efforts in striving to help solve the algae problem at Utah Lake. The efforts first started when the fourth grade teachers applied for a grant to take students to the lake for their annual field trip and were told that they might have to defer because of the algae.

The teachers normally teach a unit on water filters and decided to use that as an opportunity this year. Students tested and cleaned up the water through utilizing water bottles and real water from the lake. The students were separated in different teams with the goal of creating a design that was both inexpensive and filtered water quickly.

Through this project, students were able to learn a core concept while also helping to solve a real-world problem. Thank you to our students for your efforts to help our community and to the Daily Herald for featuring our students and teachers.

Daily Herald Article.

March 3, 2017

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson

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