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“Zombie Attack” is the title of just one of many stories written by sixth graders at Wasatch Elementary. Others choose to write about space, dream catchers or their own personal narratives. No matter the topic, it is important to Betsy Isom that each of her students uses their creativity to write stories that are as unique as them. In order to do this, they begin by typing their thoughts and ideas on Google ChromeBooks.

Mrs. Isom explains that the focus for sixth graders this term is to help improve their writing and understanding of story structure. They will also learn about editing and making their stories better. This is where the Google ChromeBooks come in handy. By using this medium, students can share their stories online with others in the class. This is helpful because it allows others to peer review their writing and give advice for improvement.

Improvement remains a central theme for this sixth grade class. In fact, Mrs. Isom and her students live by a mantra that says: “Make it better”. Even though their writing might already be good, it can always be better.

Students in Mrs. Isom’s class will continue their path to becoming better writers by moving onto writing suspense stories next term. Still using Google ChromeBooks, the students will type their tales while focusing on using rising action to maintain suspense.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss