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Spring Creek Elementary, as well as other elementary schools in the district, happily greeted volunteers from the NuSkin, Molina Medical, and Women United in their classroom last week. The volunteer effort was part of the annual “Day of Caring” event. This event was coordinated through individuals at United Way of Utah County as an opportunity to further improve our community through service.

The United Way feels that through working together as a community in three specific areas, education, income, and health, they can create a lasting change and prevent problems from happening. They believe in using these three main areas as the building blocks for a good life. By volunteering in our district’s schools, this organization hopes that their efforts will encourage children to succeed in school and beyond.

During the day, volunteers read different books with each individual class. They then concluded their visit with an interactive project or activity that was related to the book that was read. Students were thrilled to enjoy the company of these visitors and the visit helped them to understand the joy that can come from reading.

Thank you to all the volunteers for taking the time to create a fun day for our students!

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson

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