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We had a safety meeting today where we discussed AT LENGTH current/projected staff and student absences for tomorrow (Thursday, January 20) and Friday. This information is limited, since we can only go on information recently and currently in the system. Here, in bullet form, is a summary of the decisions:

  • Tomorrow we are returning to in-person school. Please note that individual schools may need to stay online in the event that they do not have enough employees to cover the known absences. We will work to get any such updates out to everyone around the end of the work day today on a school by school basis.
  • Today was the beginning of the 2nd semester. Secondary students: check with your school regarding whether tomorrow is an A day or a B day.
  • We are working to implement a once a week testing program for employees who are uncertain about any symptoms they may be feeling. Please look for further information on this in the next few days. We may also need to implement some limited testing for students who are participating in events in some off-site locations. Again, please watch for such updates within a few days.
  • Reminder that if you have been fully vaccinated and boosted, you should not need to quarantine unless you have tested positive.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate these very uncertain times.

Keith C. Rittel


Caleb Price
  • Director of Communications
  • Caleb Price