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We want to congratulate Timpview High School Senior Milla Prokhorov for her outstanding achievements at the National K-12 Ceramic Art Show in Sacramento for awards earned with her piece, Where the Eastern Moon Meets the Western Sun. Milla Prokhorov earned the Ingrid Mahan Foundation Scholarship, the Lucy Roy Award, the Artistic Achievement Award, the Kansas City Art Institute Senior Scholarship (which is a scholarship for $25,000 a year for four years), and the Alfred University Theodore A. Randall Memorial Scholarship. The Alfred scholarship covers approximately ninety percent of her tuition, and also guarantees her enrollment at Alfred University. To quote the Alfred University website, Alfred University is consistently ranked the number one school for Ceramics Arts by US News and World Report.

Seldom do students demonstrate her degree of aptitude and maturity for ceramic arts, and even fewer students work as hard as Mila to deliver a piece worthy of national acclaim. Readers interested in Milla’s story can look a four-part series on the District website chronicling Milla’s upbringing, her journey in pottery, Ceramics Teacher’s Robert Davison’s unique approach to Ceramics instruction, and Milla’s two-year process in casting Where the Eastern Moon Meets the Western Sun.

Pictured are Milla Prokhorov and Mark Zupan, President of Alfred University. 

Milla also wrote a message thanking Timpview Teachers for aiding her in the creation of her piece. Below is the transcription of her message.

I want to thank Brent Davison, my Ceramics Teacher, for his mentoring and help over these last few years. I would not be where I am without him; thank you for helping me discover my passion and for leading me towards mastery. I’m so grateful for your knowledge and experience.

I want to thank Michelle Landers, My AP Art teacher, for her patience. She’s taught me more than Art. Michelle taught me about the qualities required of artists, and she’s aptly prepared me for my college education. She’s played a significant part in assisting me with the wooden stand on my piece. The piece would not have been possible without her, and I am endlessly grateful for her.

I want to thank Cameron Whatcott. Although I have never been a student of his, Mr. Whatcott was willing and selfless enough to help me create my wooden stand. I am so thankful that he took the time to help me with my project.

I want to thank Daniel Robertson. Similarly, I’ve never been his student, but Mr. Robertson was willing to help me make a tool necessary to create my piece. I appreciate his time to make the tool for me; my work would not be possible without him.

Spencer Tuinei
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  • Spencer Tuinei