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Timpview High School welcomed robots into their school when they hosted and participated in a VEX robotics competition this past weekend.

VEX robotics competitions consist of high school students who compete on teams to design and build a robot that will play against other teams within the competition. These competitions help to utilize all four pillars of STEM education, as well as assist students to learn life-skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and project-based organization.

This was Timpview’s first year hosting the competition, with over 16 schools and 25 teams from Idaho and Utah in attendance. Two of the teams were from Timpview and placed in the top 10, with one of the teams qualifying for the state competition.

These team members included Savanah Neves, Benjamin Jacobs, Bryce Nelson, Christian Hall, Ethan Davis, Eui Young Kim, Ian Baker, Jaylen Manley, Josh Prince, Jacob Whitney, Kasandra Christiensen, Matt Gabbitas, Madelyn Grose, Max Wadsworth, Tim Goodliffe, Quinton Carlisle, Langi Bryant, Seth Frandsen, and Samual McCulloch.

Congratulations to these teams for their accomplishments and to Timpview for hosting a successful competition!

December 6, 2016

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson