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Students broke ground at the Timpview South Complex ribbon-cutting, commemorating the completion of Timpview’s first building phase. 

Seniors rushed into the Thunderdome gym. Cheerleaders greeted students and directed them to their seats before Principal Momi Tu’ua started her address.

A large ribbon tied off a set of doors in the southeast corner of the gym containing an adjoining hallway leading to the new complex, which Momi and Timpview’s Student Senior Class President, Brooke, stood near.

Momi quieted the students before asking them to repeat numbers from her speech.

“Repeat after me– Eight hundred sixty-six! You, seniors, have completed and submitted eight hundred sixty-six college applications.

“Five hundred seventy-one! Five hundred seventy-one is the number of seniors we have this year.

“One hundred sixty! We have one hundred-and-sixty adults to teach you and care for you.”

She continued down her list, reaching the single digits.

“Eight! Eight of you represent our diverse population as National Finalists in the PSAT.”

“Four! You had a COVID experience in high school for two years, and you’ve had to attend school during construction. I applaud your resilience for showing up and making it happen.”

She turned towards the ribbon, concluding her address.

“Three! Today marks the end of the first of three building phases, and we’re finishing the first today.

“One! You are number one. Thank you so much!”

Students cheered before hearing from Brooke, their Student Senior Class President.

“None of us thought that our high school career would deal with COVID, online schooling, and construction, but here we are. Even though we’ve had our challenges, we stand at the end of the year with awards, championships, and achievements. 

“Our volleyball team has won two state championships in the last three years. Our football team has competed in several state championship games. Our drama department has put on so many outstanding performances. Our FBLA group competed in Chicago on the national level, and we have so many AP students that shined through the challenging learning environment that COIVD created. We did all of this amidst bulldozers, cranes, parking issues, and online schooling. 

“We can safely say that our class overcomes challenges regardless of obstacles. 

“Although we won’t be here to see the completion of the construction that began during our high school careers, we’re excited to open the South Academic Complex today.”

Brooke cut the ribbon, and students poured through the entrance, admiring the sleek-yet-understated Modern architecture. Students visited the Team and Locker Rooms, the new entry joining the football stadium to the mentioned locker rooms, and peeked in on the Med Sports office and classroom before heading upstairs. 

On the second floor, large, windowed classrooms contained classes already in session; classes like Robotics and Sewing Design  previously located in the cramped corners of the school’s far-off wings now have spacious rooms and halls. Business Labs also comprise the second floor, providing more rooms for general classes.

The new section offers breathing room and learning opportunities for staff and students with a track record for success regardless of the challenge. With their new complex and the close of the first building phase, you can be sure that this is just the foundation for even more extraordinary achievements and success for all of their students.

Keep your eye on Timpview; this is just the beginning.

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Alexander Glaves
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