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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

Last modified: October 3, 2022

STEM Fair – February 10, 2023

STEM Fair is scheduled for Feb 10, 2023 from 3pm-7pm at Centennial Middle School.

We enjoyed all the project from last year! Our District STEM Fair had many high quality projects, here are last years winners. 

Secondary School Winners & CUSEF Qualifiers 2022:

Forms with information regarding CUSEF Registration will be sent to individual schools. Congratulations to our winners!

  • Grand Prize $50 gift card- – 110: Detoxification of Brine Shrimp from the Great Salt Lake 
  • 1st Place $20 gift card- – 102: How Low Can You Grow?, 115: Save Our Plants
  • 2nd Place $10 gift card- – 105: Glucose Induced Alterations in Blood Clotting, 101: KRESS!, 100: If you feed a plant sugar water will it grow in the dark?
  • 3rd Place $5 gift card- – 108: Hot Pepper Fruit Preservation Experiment, 106: Blocking UV Light: Stopping Skin Cancer One Heat at a Time, 119: Effects of STAT3 on Pathological Retinal Angiogenesis
  • Honorable Mention- – 116: Bully Block: The Easy to Use Software to Reduce Bullying, 118: Do Your Earphones Fall Out?, 113: Engineering Mortar Mixtures to Incorporate Waste Plastics, 120: Saving Water Around the House, 104: The Effect of Temperature and Sugar on the fermentation of Yeast, 109: What makes apples sour?, 112: Is Seagrass Insulation the secret to Carnegie Hall’s Acoustics?, 107: Drink it, To Believe it, 114: Just a Mole, 111: Shower Power, 117: Super Duper Dog Food Scooper, 103 That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

Elementary School Winners and CUSEF qualifiers 2022:

  • 1st Place- $20 gift card-– 235: Coloring Memories, 242: Violin Biking, 229: Sweet, Sweet Glucose
  • 2nd Place- $10 gift card – 239: WiFi Blockers, 269: Is Your Bottled Water Acidic?, 254: Geyser Power
  • 3rd Place-$5 gift card  –  277: Generating Electricity with Water, 211: Battery Water Filter, 262: Throwing a Curveball, 278: Eggs-ellent Learning!, 281: How Much Water Does Rice Hold?, 280: House Hunters Hamster Edition,
  • Honorable Mention–  226: Which Drink Stains Teeth the Most, 209: How do you make sharpie more permanent?, 246: How much do worms help the decomposing process?, 204: PH Levels, 234: Does Sugar Help Plants Grow?, 241: Chuckapolt, 233: The Germy Truth, 232: What is the best way to mummify an apple?, 263: Warped Words, 223: Computer Program for how to Draw, 279: Speed Cubing, 221: Density of Liquids, 240: Penergy, 231: Blindness and Balance, 218: Clean Water, 205: Elephant Toothpaste- yeast or potassium iodide?, 225: Can kids understand toddler talk more than adults with or without children?, 219: Borax Crystals, 267: Bubble, Bubble, Pop!, 210: Royal Plastic, 244: Building a Better Doll Leg, 271: Bubble Over Problem, 247: Stalactite Mine, 268: Cookie Connections, 228: Does warming the wrists keep the hands and core warm?, 251: 5- second rule, 264: Does the color of a food affect whether or not people like it?, 249: Growing Mold on Gum, 276: Audio Bedtime Books, 245: Wonderful Water Heater, 257: Melting Ice Frisbies, 275: Cup of Dirt, 236: Fruit Flies, 250: What makes apple slices turn brown?, 215: What liquid will clean a dirty penny the best?, 272: How to get rid of onion breath?, 238: Does listening to music affect running?, 212: Where’s my water? Additional Awards will be delivered to the individual schools. 


If your project qualified to move on to the CUSEF (Central Utah Science Engineering Fair), please register online at

For more information please visit the Central Utah STEM Fair Website

Forms for STEM Fair Participation

The CUSEF (Central Utah Science & Engineering Fair) forms are used for all levels of the competition.

Helpful Hints

Below you will find links to help you create a project with all the elements to be successful, helpful resources, and judging rubrics. If you have questions, please contact your school’s STEM Fair Coordinator.