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Provo City School District Covid-19 Updates

STEM Fair – February 4, 2022

Our District STEM Fair had many high quality projects. We hope all the participants plan to compete again next year!

Secondary School Winners & CUSEF Qualifiers 2021:

  • Grand Prize- – Feel Your Letters 
  • 1st Place- – Benefaction of Clayey Soils Using Aggregate Blending and Cement Stabilization – Developing a Cheap, Safe, and Effective Filter to Prevent Freshwater Eutrophication  – Getting Away from Air Pollution: The Locational Effect of PM 2.5 in Provo, Utah – Hands Free Music Stand – How does the pH level affect the dissolution rate of drugs? – What Chemical Will Make My Carpet Whitest?
  • 2nd Place-  – Do you like brown apples? – How to Detox Soil After Exposure to Fire Retardant Phos-Chek – Make the Wind Work for You – Sizzling Shakes – The radiation emitted from the cell phone.
  • 3rd Place-  – How Different Music Affects a Dogs heart rate – I Can Do It In My Sleep! – Lighting the Darkness – Oil Fire – Which Household Object Has the Highest Coefficient of Friction?
  • Honorable Mention-  – Developing a blockchain COVID-19 tracing app – How does going first affect your chances of winning in the game UNO? – How Do Minerals Effect the Color of Light – How Safe are the Sensors Used in Autonomous Cars? – Magnets, and their energy properties – Read Set Throw! (Paper Airplane Project) – Riverside Plastics  – Sweet and Salty Study – Tin Foil and Wifi – Water Filter

Elementary School Winners and CUSEF qualifiers 2021:

  • 1st Place-  – Electromagnetic glove – Faster, Safer COVID-19 Testing By Speeding Up Saliva Testing – Get that Salt Out of my Way – Heat transfer from Corn Syrup in various pockets – How Do You Get Bananas to Ripen Faster or More Slowly Ripen Them?
  • 2nd Place-  – Beating Cheating – Facial Recognition – FitBreak: Software to Stay Fit in Class – Math Computer Program – Preventing Mold Growth in Bathrooms 
  • 3rd Place-  – Baking Powder in muffins – Bounce Back – Does the Scientific Strategy for Winning the Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Work? – Glue Alternatives – Plants Tunes
  • Honorable Mention– Apple Oxidation – Bizarre Baking – Bubble-Ology -The Buffest Bridge – Can You Make a New Electronic Device with Parts of Different Devices? – Cold as Ice – Colorful Taste Buds – Cookies and Refrigeration – Cool Magnets – Egg Crazy! – Elephant Toothpaste – Flower Dissection – A Granular Waterfall – Gum Degradation – Helium and Oxygen Balls Project – Homemade Lemon and Potato Batteries – How Healthy is Bottled Water? – Intense video games – Its On Fire! – Juice Drops – Just Drive – Measuring Balls – Online Password Habits – Pennies and Vinegar –  Plants and Water – Puzzles and Rewards – Seed Germination – Soil Liquefaction – Stains Totally are Insane – Staying Warm – Talking to Plants – Tastetastic Tortillas – Taste Test – Toothpick Bridges – The Ultimate Phone Stands – What is the Market for Balloons According to Demographics and Will it Change? – Which Type of Salt melts Ice the Fastest?

Winners will be announced at our District School Board Meeting and through STEM Fair coordinators at each school. Every student chosen to move to District will receive a prize backpack. Additional Awards will be delivered to the individual schools. 


If your project qualified to move on to the CUSEF (Central Utah Science Engineering Fair), please register online at

Students will need to submit a video URL of their project. Elementary students are allowed 3 minute long videos. Secondary students are allowed 5 mins for their video. In addition, secondary students grades 9-12 will also be required to submit a 6-12 page research paper detailing their project. TEMPLATES AND RUBRICS FOR THE VIDEOS AND RESEARCH PAPERS WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.

The Regional Fair is scheduled for March 22-25th, 2021. It will be hosted by BYU and held virtually. A virtual award ceremony and pick up time for prizes will be posted. 

For more information please visit the Central Utah STEM Fair Website

Forms for STEM Fair Participation

The CUSEF (Central Utah Science & Engineering Fair) forms are used for all levels of the competition.

Helpful Hints

Below you will find links to help you create a project with all the elements to be successful, helpful resources, and judging rubrics. If you have questions, please contact your school’s STEM Fair Coordinator.