Students may begin by participating in their school STEM Fair. Each project can have 1-3 students involved. Please contact your school for information and date/s. If students qualify at their school Fair, they may continue on and compete at the District level STEM Fair which will be held February 22, 2019. Then, students may qualify to participate in the regional level Fair. We are in the Central Utah Region; it includes students from Provo, Alpine, Jordan, Nebo and Wasatch School Districts. The regional Fair is scheduled for March 25-26, 2019. It will be hosted by BYU and held on their campus.

For more information please visit the Central Utah STEM Fair Website

District STEM Fair Winners 2018-2019

Elementary Division 1st Place- Ian Jensen (Earth and Environmental Science) and Ruby Pope (Engineering) 2nd Place- Arwen Cavender (Engineering) and Isabelle Dersch (Life Science) 3rd Place- Cannon Hadfield (Engineering) and Jaidyn Bundy (Life Science 4th Place- Andrew Lee (Engineering) and Jonathan Choate

Secondary Division 1st Place- Valerie Hale and Lais Oliveira (Engineering Materials and Mechanical) 2nd Place- Lizzie Jensen and Margaret Davis (Engineering Electrical and Computer Science) 3rd Place- Ada Marre (Engineering Electrical and Computer Science) 4th Place- Daniel Evans (Behavioral and Social Science)

If you qualify for the Central Utah STEM Fair, you will receive registration information from your school’s STEM Fair Coordinator on Tuesday, February 26. Please register online for that competition. Congratulations! 

Elementary Division Projects that Qualify for the Central Utah STEM Fair: 47- Ian Jensen, 94- Ruby Pope, 115- Arwen Cavender, 79- Isabelle Cuersch, 85- Cannon Hadfield, 58- Jaidyn Bundy, 30- Andrew Lee, 7- Jonathan Choate, 63- Jonathan Tucker, 97- Maisy Odell and Eliza Bartholomew, 27- Christian Henrie, 98- Adam Gee, 101- Zoe Smith, Aubrey Reid, and Megan Lyman, 62- Sabrina Orellana, 104- Daphne Iosua, 14- Jimmy Knudsen, 23- Casey Cummard and Jacob Mennear, 56- Veronica Gao, 81- Abram Conner, 36- Elizabeth Lara, and Catherine Ramirez, 106- Nick Gerstner, Cash Asay, and Joe Jurca, 22- Cassandra Hollcom and Davis Maughan, 105- Olivia Villa, Cozette Fung, and Mady Salmon, 18- Sydney Jarvis, 26- Nora Goodwin and Julia Kerr, 83- Lincoln Jensen, 55- Zella Kryscynski, 65- Ashton Post, 42- Graden Rockwood, 64- Dallin Zimmerman, 61- Sawyer Ott, 78- Charly Midy, 41- Sara Stallard, 45- Ashley Elgaaen, 80- Sindey Krimmenhoek, 9 Erick Sotelo, 35- Cristobel Yanez, 25- Jeather Finau, April Mosso, and Andrea Lopez, 100- David Arson, 20- Lilliam Davis, 44- Eden Jepsen and Emma Snyder, 49- Asher Little, 32- Eli Rayback, 6- Shayde McCune, 34- Lexi Riley, 10- Axel Greer, 108- Walter Hafen, 107- Felix Bradford, and 13 Raymie Skeen

Middle School and High School Projects that Qualify for the Central Utah STEM Fair:34- Valerie Hale and Lais Oliveira, 33- Lizzie Jensen and Margaret Davis 31- Ada Marre, 4- Daniel Evans, 13- Carson Shorts, 23- Sarah Stone, 24- Andrew Fellars, 20- Emmeline Kryscynski, 19- Landon Bundy, 10- Jason Carter, 8 Brighton Cox, 14- Sky Teeples, 32- Caitlyn Macedone, 1- Kylle Rife, 30- Mya Jansen, 11- Tyler Blevins and Preston Bingham, 35- Timothy Scott, 2- Andrew Brady, 6- Kara Miller, 28- Christopher Wilson, 12- Ashleigh Gardner, 15- Tyson Barney, 7- Maxwell Joyner, and 16- Britney Rivera

Forms for STEM Fair Participation

The forms can be used for all levels of the competition.

Helpful Hints

Below you will find links to help you create a project with all the elements to be success, evaluation rubrics, and an outline of a research plan. If you have questions, please contact your school’s STEM Fair Coordinator.