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Each week, or so, the students at Sunrise Preschool focus on a different theme. As the students learn the vocabulary that goes along with the chosen topic, they are able to have ‘real world’ experiences within the subject. This week’s topic, in Alyssa Bainbridge’s class, was food.

As students learned about food, they were able to go grocery shopping. The students took turns pushing the shopping cart, running the cash register and filling their baskets. The teachers were there encouraging the student to say the name of each item, take turns and use good social skills.

Another way the teacher allow for hands-on learning is by utilizing the sensory bin. Each classroom contains a sensory bin. This is a sandbox-like table that teachers are able to fill with textures and things that go along with the theme of the week. It can be filled with water, sand, beans, fake snow, oats, you name it!

This week, for the food section, Bainbridge filled the sensory bin with flour. Students were able to play with the flour – like sand. While playing, the students learned the vocabulary that was associated with it. Vocab like: flour, mix, bake, etc. They also had the opportunity to learn what flour is used for.

The teachers at Sunrise Preschool work so hard to help students have a fun and safe learning environment. Each student is able to learn at their own pace, while have so much fun!

Paige Simpson
  • Paige Simpson