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The Independence High School gymnasium hosted the Provo Adult Education Program graduation ceremony on January 11, 2019. Family and friends were able to attend and celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

Nicki Wake is the Adult Education Coordinator and has been with the program since 2004. This is her first year as coordinator and she has already been able to connect with the students by learning about their stories, which in turn brought them on the road to success. Students enrolled in the program have the option to finish their high school diploma or prepare for the GED exam.

Students such as Justin Dunkley have turned their life around with the help of the education system. “When I first came to into Provo Adult Education, I was greeted by DeAnn, and I was planning only on getting my GED instead of a diploma. She helped me realize that it would be immensely cheaper, more convenient, and an overall quicker process if I were just to do a few packets and get my diploma instead. After that I plan on going to culinary school in the next year or two, as well as possibly going to get a bachelor’s degree.”

Miguel Joachin had a different pathway, but also benefitted from the program. “I came [to the program] as a junior and dropped out when I was a senior. I got married at 17, and decided to work full time. I had a great industrial construction job, becoming a skilled worker, then a Foreman and eventually becoming a superintendent at the age of 24. On July 23, 2016 my life changed in a matter of seconds. A motorcycle accident caused me to wake up in the hospital with both ankles shattered leading to a foot amputation and damage to my spinal cord, causing me to be paralyzed from the bottom of my chest down. I only had two choices and that was just keep regretting it or get back to school and better myself. I want to thank the whole staff at Provo Adult Education because it is filled with nothing but great people and I was always treated with great respect and they would always be willing to work with me to help me the best way possible.”

The next term will begin January 14, and will continue to register students until the 25 of January.

Melissa Calvillo
  • Melissa Calvillo