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Students from around the district got together to test their book knowledge and compete against other teams in a reading comprehension competition called “Battle of the Books”.

Canyon Crest, Lakeview, Provost, Provo Peaks and Timpanogos Elementary were the schools that had the opportunity to compete this year. Students were split into small teams and each team had to read the 20 assigned books for this year. They had to know basic knowledge about each book as well as the exact title and name of the author in order to get all of the points from the question.

This competition has had a positive impact on many students. A mom of one of the competitors said, “My daughter has always been a reluctant reader. Over the past few years, she has shown improvement, but it wasn’t until this year that her love of reading has exploded and it is 100% because of Battle of the Books. She is a competitive person and she loves a challenge. She loves working on a team and thrives in situations where she has to be accountable for what she does. She started reading at the beginning of the year, but I wasn’t sure if she would really be able to read all of these books. However, she was committed, waking up early to read and staying up late to read. Now she carries a book with her everywhere we go. Her speed and fluency has grown tremendously, as has her accuracy. This program has totally given my daughter a love of reading.”

Battle of the Books is a program that can be implemented at all schools, and has had a tremendous impact the few schools that have participated so far. Through participating in this program, students are able to develop a love of reading, as well as better reading comprehension and social skills.

Thank you to all who helped to run Battle of the Books this year, especially Pioneer Book. Pioneer Book sponsored this activity and funded each student, as well as paid for other fees. We hope to involve more schools and continue this great experience for many years to come. picture of medal

students compete

closeup of one of competing teams

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger